Sunday, November 27, 2011

AJ vs Sleep, (fight or surrender)

Once again, I come back here just to try to figure out what to do with AJ and her sleeping issues.

How does one decide when a battle is worth fighting, or when to surrender for now, regroup and try again later?

AJ still wakes up. She still yells, cries, pleads. All she wants really is to sleep on the couch. If we fight the battle, she will wake up 1-6 times a night, no one in the house gets a decent night sleep and is therefore worse of the following day. AJ will also be up for the day by 5AM, at the latest. If we give in, and move her to the couch. She sleeps! She sleeps almost uninterrupted until around 6AM, sometimes later. M or I sleep on the couch with her too though, but it's a quiet

So, the path to a good night sleep is to let her sleep on the couch. The question then becomes, is sleep of any form more important than good sleeping habits?

We were really hoping to get AJ in a good sleeping situation before the new baby comes along, but it looks like once again, our plans are laughed at, and new resolutions need to be found.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ah, now I get it

The past few days I've had a lot of comments about not lasting until my due date, being huge, etc., etc., etc.

I didn't think much of it. I know I have a belly, but I didn't see why the sudden fuss. Until now

This is 33 weeks. In my head, this is what I still look like.
However, I found out today that I now look like this
35 weeks. Same shirt, same awesome photo location of the office bathroom.

Huh, I remember there being wrinkles in that shirt.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Okay, so it's been a while. Should be interesting to see what has changed in the past month.

How Far Along: 34w

Total Weight Gain: According to my first appointment, I'm up a total of 19 pounds. Still pretty excited about that

Maternity Clothes: Yep, but I can still fit into some of my non-mat t-shirts

Sleep: Two Tums before bed helps with the heartburn. However, due to a cold and coughing, I have pulled muscles on both sides of my ribs. Add back pain and there is absolutely no way to sleep in bed right now. Hello couch, looks like we're going to be spending a lot of time together.

Cravings or Aversions: Nothing lately. I'm bummed by this. With AJ I wanted root beer all the time, and it was the best tasting root beer ever. Nothing tastes as good as satisfying a craving.

Best Moment This Week: As of today, whenever I go into labor it will end with a baby. No stopping us now.

Movement: Constant and crazy. Another non-sleeper I'm sure

Gender: Girl.

Labor Signs: Some braxton hicks, but nothing major.

Belly Button in or out: pretty flat most of the time.

What I miss: bending. I never realized how much I enjoy bending at the waist

What I'm Looking Forward to: working on the girls' room

Weekly Wisdom: Just because I'm ready to be done being pregnant does not mean I want this baby to come early.

Milestones: I'm not sure of any at this point.

What the baby is up to:
Watch what you say! Your curious baby is listening in to your conversations at 34 weeks -- and might enjoy a lullaby or two -- so go ahead and sing to him. Some say that baby will recognize songs mom sings while he’s in the womb, and may even be more easily soothed by them if he’s used to them once he’s on the “outside.” At week 34, you might breathe a little easier, since baby may descend lower into your pelvis and give your lungs some space. (Ahh!) Of course, some babies don’t do this until the day they’re born, so we’re not making any guarantees. The pitfall of this descent, of course, is even more pressure on your bladder, so be prepared to make even more trips to the ladies room over the coming weeks.