Thursday, January 5, 2012

First Time Daddy

I'm not sure what was up with M last night, but if I didn't know better, I'd swear he had never been the parent of a newborn before. AJ wanted to play with me, so since M was just texting on his phone, I gave C to him and went to chase AJ around the house (one of her favorite games). Well, C was on his lap, squawking, putting fists in her mouth, shaking her head all around, and M was still texting. On one pass through the living room in chase of AJ, I ask M if he plans on feeding C anytime soon.

He grabs the rest of an older bottle out of the fridge (about an ounce and a half) and makes another bottle (about two ounces). I hold my tongue and just let him do his thing. I figured he was maybe just planning on having back up incase the first bottle wasn't quite enough.

When he starts trying to feed her, his phone rings. He can't figure out how to hold the bottle and C and talk on his phone, so he hands off C. How does he think I'm going to spend the days with two kids, a dog and basic house chores?

AJ and I are now playing Don't Break the Ice and I hear M yell out in frustration. C had spit up, quite a bit actually, all over herself and M. I go to check if he needs help and notice both bottles are empty. It had only been maybe 10 minutes since he started feeding her. I no longer want to help. Seriously?! I have to ask "what did you think would happen when you're trying to put nearly four ounces of liquid in a belly that is at most two ounces big?" His response "I burped her like three times". Um... ok.

He gets up, takes C to get changed. We do the changes on our bed and just put a hospital chuck down first, since we don't have a changing station. While I'm playing with AJ I see him pull the blanket off our bed, throw it on the floor, finish changing C and then wraps himself up in the Moby. This gets me chuckling, but I try not to let him see. He brings C down to the basement with him to wash the blanket. When he comes up he tells me that C missed the chuck.

The whole evening was a comedy of errors for him. I had to explain what feeding cues look like and not to recline her while eating or for a good long time after eating. He was always right there helping and being a part of AJ's early life, I think it's hilarious that he seems to have forgotten entirely how to care for a baby.

Oh, and just because I'm so happy about it, six days post birth and I'm able to squeeze into my pre pregnancy pants. WooHoo!!!

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